Power Paradigm Fund VDC 1
(Venture Development Cluster)
A Venture Development “Micro-Fund” that is being developed now to focus on Alternative Energy, Advanced Fuel Cell Technology, Energy Storage, Modular Housing, Distributed Generation and Online Demand Management Solutions to Address Innovation Needs in the US Affordable Housing Marketplace, and to create true affordable housing options in El Paso County, Colorado, and eventually other challenged housing markets and communities in the USA.
To develop innovative affordable housing solutions and communities through the integration and deployment of distributed energy-oriented, “Micro Grid” based Cluster Communities that enable new alternative energy and waste management technologies to be deployed in new ways to reduce the initial development of and long term operating costs of housing. We need a new “Paradigm” in thinking of how housing is built.
Opportunity Zone and Funding Strategy:
Because this effort requires technology innovations across a number of areas to be integrated together, (such as fuel cell innovations, solar, waste management, modular housing innovations, water capture and processing, etc.), the need to aggregate new types of capital sources for the development of new types of housing and real estate development is needed. This new "Purpose Designed" LLLP (Limited Liability Limited Partnership) being formed by Ensemble and its key partners, will address these uniquie "cross-over-funding" requirements to deploy traditional risk capital as well as "capital gains" in terms of integrated program investing.
By leveraging traditional capital sources such as Private Equity, Venture Capital, Seed Angel Syndication, and REIT Funds with the availability of “tax-advantaged” capital gains investment through the creation of separately structured and managed Opportunity Zone Funds, it will be possible for Ensemble’s vision of CLUSTER Communities to be realized.
Example Vision of Opportunity Zone Projects for Colorado Springs, CO:
Below is a quick, "Birds-Eye-View" of the kind of projects that we are in the early stages of development now that the Opportunity Zone program is becomming more definititive in terms of rules and regulations from the IRS, The Treasury, and State economic development agencies:
ozoverview For more information on the Power Paradigm VDC Fund, the various Opportunity Zone projects we are working on and developing, please send a contact inquiry email using the contact from HERE.
An Ensemble representative will contact you with 48 hours.
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