Venture Development Clusters:

Welcome to the VDC Green Paper Page at Ensemble Ventures...

Last year on June 10, 2011 Ensemble Ventures, LLC publicly announced a new community-centric economic development program entitled "Venture Developmet Clusters: An Economic Developmet Recommendation for Colorado Springs" that outlined a vision that we, (Ensemble Ventures, LLC) have for Colorado Springs to develop a new "Grass Roots" based economic development model for our community that offered a vision for what a responsive and accountable "Economic Development" is all about, and makes specific recommendations about the process.

What is a Venture Development Cluster: ?

With a major need to create an entrepreneurial "eco-system" in Colorado Springs that transcends traditional economic development activities and instead focuses on developing local small businesses that fosters innovation and encourages creativity and collaboration, it's time to create a new kind of local economic development model that puts the entrepreneur at the center of attention and action... Much like what TechStars has done in Boulder, Boston, and San Francisco with their software-oriented technology incubation concept, or Y-Combinator with their innovative software company entrepreneurial funding strategies, Ensemble and the CSE Group is interested instead in developing a robust " Venture Development Cluster" model for Colorado Springs that focuses on the "The Enterprise", "It's Entrepreneur(s)" and the force multiplier of active Mentoring and advisory support "Execution" services coupled together with high-velocity capital and proven business process optimization that can provide companies with a competitive advantage and increase their chances for success.

For more information about the VDC concept and to reserve your copy of the Draft Green Paper, please provide your contact details here:

We will be setting up a special portal page on both the Ensemble Ventures web-site as well as on the CSE Group web site to support a collaborative communications channel and blogging page to help support the VDC initiatives.

Looking forward to speaking wth you in the future about this exciting development.


Mike Schmidt, CEO


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