Video and Audio Interviews:

Below is the first of an ongoing collection of audio podcasts and videos covering a wide variety of topics on Entrepreneurship, Capital Formation, Human Resources, from myself and business associates or acquaintences of mine etc...

SXSW Interview on HR Strategies, Entrepreneurship and Capital Formation:
March 2012 - Austin, Texas
sxswlogo2012This was an "impromptu" interview that I gave to a young entrepreneur named Oren Bennet of AngelGuru out of New York who approached me outside of a seminar session I was attending at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March of 2012.  I believe he was doing interviews with a number of entrepreneurs and business peple at SXSW for his Angel Guru project.  So, this was my response to his two questions... 
  1. What do I think I do best for my Clients or Portfolio Companies ?
  2. What do I think I could improve on ? 

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Interview about Tiny Home CLUSTER Communities at Tiny House Jamboree:
August 2015 - Colorado Springs, CO
THJlogolongDuring the Tiny House Jamboree  recently held in Colorado Springs over the weekend of August 7-9th, VSS showcased an early concept overview of the Tiny Home CLUSTER Communities concept that is being developed by Ensemble Ventures and its Fuel Cell Technology Partner Technology Management, Inc. to support the VSS/Villages initaitive that Veterans Support Solutions is creating to enable various third party Veteran Village Initaitives that are being developed locally in Colorado and nationwide by a variety of Veteran Support Groups.  
A UCCS Student named Austin Neslerode walked in our exhibit booth and pointed a camera at me and said he wanted to "share our idea with the world" on his facebook page.  So, he started his camera... and I started talking... 

Video is not visible, most likely your browser does not support HTML5 video

VSSLogo1smAbout Veterans Support Solutions, L3c

Veterans Support Solutions, L3c (VSS) is a newly formed L3c social benefit organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

VSS has expertise in a wide range of veteran career planning services (since 2001) and is now addressing the emergency & transitional housing challenges faced by a growing Veteran market.

VSS is working with a number of local non-profit and for-profit organizations to enable its services vision, including Ensemble Ventures, LLC who is providing Business Development, Finance, and Operational Advisory/Support Services.

VSS offers services to enable Veterans to take control of their personal & professional lives and provide them with the tools to Transition to Civilian life successfully.

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